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Below are workshops offered
Attachment Parenting

Journey through the 4 stages of parenting with skills to create and maintain connection with your children.

Total Time: 1-2 Hour Session

Mother and Son
Marriage Even Better

The Unraus walk you through the tools which have made a significant difference in their marriage.  This can be a stand alone or a follow up to the Gottman workshop. Total Time: 1.5 Days - also offered in components

Couple at the Beach
Sexual Integrity

Empowering teens and young adults to make great choices about sex and how it relates to life goals and life-giving romantic relationships 

Total Time: 2.5 Hour Session with Q & A

Group of Friends
Hearing Gods Voice

"I have found that Kim teaching me to hear Jesus’ voice is a key to walking through the things that challenge my faith." Male Professional

Total Time: 2 hour - 6 hour Workshops

Listening to Music
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To book Kim & Darlene, please email us at and include your name, phone and email and let us know what you are hoping for. Looking forward to partnering with you.

Online Learning.
Gottman Marriage Workshops

As trained Gottman presenters, Kim and Darlene walk you through The 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work, gathered from 4 decades of research with 3000 couples.  The format allows for practical implementation throughout the workshop. Beneficial for seriously dating, engaged and married couples.

Total Time: 1.5 Days - also offered in components

Engaged Couple
1000 Little Conversations

Equipping and encouraging parents, educators and youth influencers to have many mini conversations about sexuality. You are the ones on the front lines.  If you don't talk with your kids about sex, the internet and others will teach them.  Practical neuroscience research, stories, illustrations and conversation starters which you can use as you navigate your child and teen through these years. 

Total Time:  2.5 Hour Session

Parents and Child
Relational IQ

Components include: Building and rebuilding the foundation of trust and respect, active listening, determining whose voices you will allow to influence you, and setting others up for success in teaching them with healthy boundaries.  

Total Time: 4 interactive workshops -  1 hour each - can also be offered in components

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Porn-Proofing Your Child

In a sex-saturated climate, learn the effects of internet pornography on the brain and relationships. Discover how to talk about, respond to and prepare your child and teen to confidently walk through the minefields -  includes resources to retrain the brain.

Total Time: 2 Hour Session

Image by Aryan Dhiman
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